My Food Adventures in Paris

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Courtesy of Abbey Gilligan

I often look back at my month abroad in Paris in the summer of 2015 and ponder about what I could have done differently. Yes, in all honesty it was probably the best month of my life. However, I’ll admit that I do have some regrets. They’re my food regrets. Food regrets? You’re probably wondering what those are. Well, although I had all the time in the world to explore my curiosities about French cuisine, I feel that I didn’t do enough of that.

It’s truly an exciting time, living in a new city, meeting new people and just taking the culture in. Often, in the midst of my excitement of just being in Paris, I’d get so distracted that I wouldn’t plan all the places I wanted to try, and I didn’t do as much research as I could have. So in dire times of hunger, my friends and I would rush to the nearest café.

In retrospect, I see these as missed opportunities. Not that the food at these places was terrible, but there were certainly more worthwhile options. Had I just asked a local for their recommendations or even planned my day accordingly, I could have tried so many different restaurants.

I won’t deny that there were a few times when by simply roaming the streets, we found some hidden gems. There was one particular café that became our go-to spot for happy hour. Café Rubis, located in Alesia, was great for draft beer with fruit syrup (something that the states should definitely have) and small afternoon snacks.

Then there were times when we planned exactly where we wanted to go, and completely lucked out. One of my favorite dinners was at Le Volant Basque, located in the 15th arrondissement. My meal, which consisted of veal and an egg casserole with mushrooms and vetreche was incredibly delicious. I also had the best crêpes with chocolate sauce at a small crêperie in Montmartre. These are just a few of the many positive dining experiences I had in Paris.

But being the foodie that I am, I guess it’s only natural to want to try it all. Some of the restaurants I wish I could have made it to are Carette, Café Trama and A La Biche Au Bois. I definitely will not be missing these on my next visit.

My advice for anyone that wants to make the most of their dining experiences in Paris or in any other city in the world: don’t settle! Don’t settle for what’s easy, what’s convenient, and what’s close. If you want to truly immerse yourself in the culture for a week or a month, or if you simply want to have an outstanding meal, do your homework. Do some research and discover some non-touristy spots. Make a list of all the restaurants you want to try and plan your day with them in mind. Trust me, it will definitely be worth it because food adventures are the best adventures.

Courtesy of Pexels

Tell me about any of your food regrets and advice!