About Me

Welcome! My name is Jesse. I am a senior in college, finishing up my degree in Public Relations. As a food enthusiast, lover of cheese and everything chocolate, I decided to start a blog about FOOD!

Throughout my college career I developed a sincere appreciation for the French culture, which led me to take on the language as a minor. I also had the privilege of studying abroad in Paris in my third year of school.

In my time abroad, I realized that the myths about French women being effortlessly fabulous are in fact true. I admired how flawless they looked riding their bikes along the Seine in chic mid-length skirts. Already enamored by their approach to style, I WONDERED about their approach to food.

As a young American woman, curious about the French female perspective on everyday cooking, I would love to explore and share WITH you through my blog. I hope to show you some recipes, trends and tricks that French women use in their kitchens, so you can bring them into yours.

Let’s look for some INSPIRATION in this amazing culinary heritage. AND why not be stylish while we’re at it!